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EXERCISE - The Natural Hormonal Enhancement Exercise Program

New research into the hormonal dynamics of exercise reveals that much of the conventional wisdom on exercise is wrong. In fact, the way you are currently exercising may be robbing you of up to 90% of your results. Specifically, the prevailing focus on burning calories is misguided, because calories burned during exercise is a relatively minor benefit. The major benefits of a properly designed exercise routine are metabolic and hormonal in nature.

Each time you exercise, you temporarily alter the hormonal environment inside your body. Unfortunately, these hormonal effects are not always favorable. Exercising in a hormonally-incorrect way ensures sub-optimal results, and, what's worse, can weaken immunity and accelerate aging by means of stimulating catabolic hormones.

By applying the principles of hormonally-intelligent exercise, you can achieve 3 times the results from exercise in one-half the time! (When you learn how to structure your workouts for optimal hormonal response, the difference in results will astonish you!)

In effect, the average workout is like performing surgery with a butter knife while Natural Hormonal Enhancement is like a scalpel, enabling you to channel the enormous power of exercise for precisely the results you are trying to achieve.



A New Dimension in Exercise

If you surf the TV channels at night you no doubt see good-looking, charismatic actors and actresses promoting the latest newfangled home-workout gismo claiming that it burns more calories than its competitor gismo. They just don't get it. This quantitative approach to exercise, focusing on the amount of calories burned, misses the point entirely. The point is that EXERCISE ALTERS YOUR METABOLISM AND EXERTS A PROFOUND INFLUENCE ON YOUR INTERNAL HORMONAL ENVIRONMENT.


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Natural Hormonal Enhancement outlines how to structure an exercise regimen for optimal hormonal response. The relevant factors here are: frequency, intensity, duration, volume, and exercise selection. Natural Hormonal Enhancement explains, specifically, how these factors correlate with growth hormone, IGF-1, cortisol, testosterone, insulin, and estrogen; and it teaches how to properly modulate these variables as a means of dramatically increasing the effectiveness of your workouts.

Exercise has the ability to unleash powerful hormonal forces within your body, either powerfully beneficial or powerfully detrimental. Exercise can increase insulin sensitivity; or it can decrease insulin sensitivity (by raising cortisol levels). Exercise is potentially the most powerful natural growth hormone stimulator known to science, and, therefore, an unmatched anti-aging force, fat-burner, and immune booster; or it can suppress growth hormone levels. Exercise can send testosterone levels in men soaring, increasing sex drive and sexual performance, and opening the door to all the physiological and psychological benefits of youth; or it can suppress testosterone so low that it is virtually impossible to get an erection, and equally impossible to build an ounce of muscle. Exercise can suppress the catabolic hormone cortisol; or it can cause a catabolic jailbreak, unleashing cortisol and other hostile catabolic hormones to assault your immune system, eat-away at precious muscle tissue, and create generalized havoc within your body.

The unfortunate fact is that a large percentage of people who work-out are systematically stimulating "bad" catabolic hormones while suppressing "good" hormones like growth hormone and testosterone. This accounts for why so many people exercise for months, or even years, while experiencing little or no positive changes in their physique.

Let's face it, there's massive confusion on the topic of how to exercise. The average self-proclaimed expert at your local gym probably doesn't know the first thing about how to structure a workout routine for optimal hormonal response; and neither do most of the so-called "experts." This stuff is very cutting-edge. But it is also very simple once you've read the Natural Hormonal Enhancement guidebook.

If you are a beginner, this is the best way to get started. If you are advanced, this technology is exactly what you've been searching for: the key to rapid, continuous, and extraordinary results, without plateau or limit!

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in Natural Hormonal Enhancement, on the topic of exercise.


  • How men are murdering their testosterone levels by hormonally-incorrect exercise practices. (If you are trying to build muscle but are unable to do so to any noticeable degree, there is a very good chance that this is the problem. Low testosterone equals low or no muscle growth - it also makes it just about impossible to get the super-lean, "cut" look since testosterone is a powerful lipolytic [fat-burning] hormone.)………....……..see p. 257

  • A critically important concept called qualitative progression. It does not matter who you are, if you don't have firm handle on this concept you will never achieve the kind of results you are capable of from exercise…………………………….see p. 285

  • Why the prevailing notion, pushed by so many "experts," that the best way to burn fat is by low-intensity, long-duration exercise is dumb, dumb, dumb. . . and how to modulate intensity and duration to dramatically accelerate fat burning!....................................…see p. 267

  • How to manipulate the exercise variables of frequency, intensity, duration, and volume for exactly the "look" you are trying to achieve - and how to get results FAST. . . even if you are working-out in your garage!…......p. 249

  • How to greatly increase the amount of fat you burn in your workout, before you even set foot in the gym! (The fact is that the composition of your pre-workout meal dramatically influences how much fat you burn in your workout. This is one of the simplest ways to increase fat loss from exercise and yet almost everyone either overlooks it or has it all wrong.)............................................p. 238

  • How to use exercise as a means of applying strategic stress to your body. (You will begin viewing exercise as strategic stress designed to trigger [hormonally-mediated] adaptive responses, rather than as a means of "burning calories.") Once you grasp the concept of strategic stress and learn how to apply it, you will be able to achieve any target goal you desire: more muscle, less bodyfat, more shape in certain areas, a smaller look overall - you name it………..................................p. 273


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