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Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a book of unparalleled importance for every living person. Breakthrough research has revealed that hormones play a paramount role in human aging - particularly, the physical degeneration and body composition changes associated with aging. 

Recent research in this area has been so compelling, in fact, that many highly respected doctors and scientists now believe that the progressive degenerative process commonly referred to as "aging" is nothing more than a symptom of adverse hormonal changes! As the evidence mounts, this theory of aging increasingly gains converts even within the conservative circles of conventional medicine. More importantly, since hormonal decline is not inevitable (with proper intervention), it follows that, "aging" is also not inevitable

The growing belief in the non-inevitability of aging marks a momentous intellectual turning point in human history. If you find the concept of not merely slowing but reversing aging impossible to believe, it is because you harbor an outdated view of aging - a view that has been superseded by recent scientific discoveries. More specifically, our newfound understanding of the critical role played by hormones in the aging process indicates that "aging" as we conceive it is more a matter of choice than a fact of human destiny. 

The reversal of biological aging (not to be confused with the far less significant term, chronological aging, which refers to how long you've been alive) is not speculation or theory, but tested, proven fact.


Here's the proof: In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study, performed by Dr. Daniel Rudman, that sent shock waves around the world - IT MARKED THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY THAT HUMAN AGING WAS REVERSED! This experiment involved injections of growth hormone into older men. 

The Results Were Like Something Out 

of a Science Fiction Movie! 

The men lost an average of 14% bodyfat and gained 8.8% lean body mass without diet or exercise! In terms of fat loss, muscle gain, increase in bone density, and improvement in skin tone and texture, the researchers who reviewed the findings stated that the results were equivalent to 15 years of REVERSE AGING

This study sparked an explosion of interest and research around the world including a massive, multi-million dollar study funded by the National Institutes on Aging. The press went nuts, declaring that the fountain of youth had been found. Practically every wire service in the country picked-up the story. The Rudman study was followed-up with a succession of other studies, published in prestigious scientific and medical journals, establishing that. . . hormones dictate bodyfat percentage and control aging. 

Unfortunately, unnatural hormonal enhancement of the type used in the Rudman experiment is very problematic for three reasons.

    Expense. A regimen of growth hormone injections can cost upwards of $10,000 per year. . A regimen of growth hormone injections can cost upwards of $10,000 per year. 

    Side effects. Hormone injections are associated with a litany of adverse side effects. This is why more than half of Rudman's subjects dropped out of the experiment within one year. (Not many people know this fact about the Rudman experiment.)

    The body reverts when the injections are discontinued. Another little known fact about the Rudman experiment is that that when the subjects stopped taking the growth hormone injections their bodies fast-forwarded "back" to old age. Even worse, injections can cause the body to compensate or "defend" against the incoming hormone by downgrading internal production of that hormone. This is called counterregulatory feedback mechanism.


In the final analysis, hormonal enhancement is a terrific idea with far-reaching benefits. The key is to naturally stimulate your body to upgrade its own internal production of fat-burning, muscle-enhancing, and anti-aging hormones. This is precisely what Natural Hormonal Enhancement teaches. Because you will be working within your physiological parameters, the health risks and adverse side effects associated with hormone injections do not apply to Natural Hormonal Enhancement. 



Transforming Your Body is Simply a Matter of Pushing the Right Hormonal Buttons!

"Muscle Axis"

Anabolic Hormones = Muscle-Enhancing

Catabolic Hormones = Muscle-Breakdown

"Fat Axis"

Lipolytic Hormones = Fat-Burning 

Lipogenic Hormones = Fat-Storage

Because Natural Hormonal Enhancement has a beneficial effect of on both your "muscle axis" and your "fat axis," you will lose virtually all fat, not muscle - so when the fat melts away you are left with a tight, toned, sculpted look rather than looking "skinny." (Most conventional fat loss methods strip away muscle along with fat.) Remember, the goal is to look like a Greek statue, not like a stick figure. 

Aging is a Hormonal Phenomenon

Why do strong, vigorous people turn into frail, feeble people as they get older? Adverse body composition changes (i.e., more fat, less muscle) reflect shifts in the "muscle axis" toward catabolic hormones and the "fat axis" toward lipogenic hormones. Hormonally-incorrect diet, exercise, and lifestyle practices can accelerate these negative hormonal shifts. Natural Hormonal Enhancement counteracts aging and improves your body shape and composition by naturally boosting anabolic and lipolytic hormones and suppressing catabolic and lipogenic hormones. 

The five hormones listed below exert a profound influence on your health, body composition, and rate of aging. You influence each of these hormones every day, whether you know it or not. But with Natural Hormonal Enhancement, you will be strategically managing these hormones for maximum benefit. (Note the effect of these hormones on your "fat axis" and "muscle axis.")  



Hormone Properties

















Growth Hormone 





























  * Opt

  * Opt













.Indirectly Lipogenic








  *Opt   Optimize (enhance muscle-enhancing properties, suppress fat-storage properties)
  **Opt  Optimize (enhance fat-burning properties, suppress muscle-breakdown properties) 

As noted above, you affect each of these hormones every day. Unfortunately, your haphazard, "shotgun method" of hormonal enhancement and suppression probably isn't working very well, especially if you have excess bodyfat, poor muscle tone, or look old for your age. Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a scientifically-sound, proven system for improving your hormonal status. It's so simple and easy; yet it's also super-advanced and incredibly effective! And, because you already influence these hormones every day of your life, nothing could possibly be more natural!







Principles of Natural Hormonal Enhancement 


Practically everything that goes on inside your body is regulated by hormones; they are the most powerful biological agents known to science.


Hormones exert a dominant influence on body composition (i.e., bodyfat percentage) and aging.



Many of the hormones that have a favorable effect on body composition, like growth hormone and testosterone, also have other positive effects in connection with energy levels, aging, health, and sexual performance/reproductive function. Other hormones are "double-edged swords," like glucagon and insulin. With these two-faced hormones, the operative strategy is "optimization."


Optimization is an important strategy of Natural Hormonal Enhancement. Optimization means maximizing the good while minimizing the bad. Optimization acknowledges and effectively addresses the fact that individual hormones perform several different functions and that some hormones can be either friend or foe, or a combination of both. 


The entire hormonal system is interconnected. Therefore, a change in one hormone equals a change in all hormones. This is the principle of hormonal synergy. 


Hormonal synergy works in such way that "good" hormones tend to be mutually-reinforcing, and so do "bad" hormones. In effect, all hormonal effects are multiplied, either positively or negatively. This is why Natural Hormonal Enhancement is such a powerful force for good. It is also why your current dietary, exercise, and lifestyle practices may be a powerful force for bad. 


You have a great deal of control over your hormones. In fact, you influence your hormone levels every day of your life, whether you realize it or not. By extension, you influence the composition and condition of your body. The problem is you are currently doing it haphazardly. If you have excess bodyfat, low energy levels, weak muscles, diminished sex drive, or look older than most people your age, chances are your uninformed shotgun method of hormonal manipulation is not working very well. 


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