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The Ultimate Training Technology for Men and Women

Sculpt, Vitalize, and Age-Proof Your Body with the
Most Effective Exercise Program Ever

New cutting-edge research shows you how to get three times the results from
exercise in half the time by harnessing the power of your own hormones.

By the author of the internationally acclaimed, authoritative text on how to
enhance hormones naturally,
Natural Hormonal Enhancement  

For decades, controversy and confusion have reigned regarding: how many sets to do, how many repetitions to do, how long to wait between sets, the best form of cardiovascular exercise, machines vs. free weights, etc. At last, get the definitive answers based on documented scientific research. STOP wasting your precious time and energy on exercise routines founded upon time-honored misconceptions and harebrained trendy notions published in popular fitness magazines and passed along from the misinformed to the uninformed.  

  • Learn why the way you are currently exercising may be robbing you 
    of up to 90% of your results and - even worse - may be stimulating 
    pro-aging, anti-immunity, catabolic hormones

  • Fact is: the calories you burn while exercising are insignificant - what matters is the metabolic and hormonal forces set into motion by your workout (and these forces can persist for days after your workout ends)

  • How to target the specific muscle fiber type most responsible for age-related loss of muscle mass

  • A cardio training method called MDMP, which, in addition to improving cardiovascular fitness and burning-off bodyfat, develops agility, increases power, builds shapely legs, and maximizes growth hormone release

  • The difference between strength training and power training, and why the latter is much more effective at combating aging and improving sports performance

  • Why virtually all the abdominal devices you see advertised on TV are ill-conceived and essentially a waste of time (and discover the best exercises for developing a tight, chiseled midsection)

  • Why proper sequencing of exercises is critical to optimizing hormonal output and strength development

  • What muscle "tone" really is and how to get lots of it (by applying the force-velocity curve and tension accentuation)

  • A revolutionary training technology called "Momentum-Consolidation Cycling"TM elevates growth hormone and incinerates bodyfat

  • How training errors can result in one type of muscle fiber converting to a less desirable type, thereby preventing you from actualizing your power potential

And much more. . . Plus. . .  

Exercise descriptions and pictorial demonstrations (Learn which exercises are the most effective and how to execute them properly - and which exercises you should avoid at all costs)

Detailed "Beginner," "Intermediate," and "Advanced" exercise routines, and daily and weekly training schedules for men and women  

  For women, foolproof strategies for firming and tightening notorious "problem areas" such as the inner thigh and gluteal region; for male bodybuilders, the precise training formula for maximizing muscle growth; for athletes, why traditional weight training programs are hazardous to your career

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