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Hormonally Intelligent Exercise - the key to maximum growth hormone release
The Ultimate Training Technology for Men and Women

By the author of the internationally acclaimed, authoritative text on
enhancing hormones naturally,
Natural Hormonal Enhancement  

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Natural Hormonal Enhancement - 1700 pinpoint references to the worlds leading health and scientific journals





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The Comprehensive Program For Naturally
Enhancing Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building,
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NHE Table of Contents


. . . Grand Unified Theory of Health ... 

Steve Mink, Dallas,TX

. . . required reading for every health professional ...

Kay Lachowski, Book Review Editor, Online USA

. . . fortitude to stand by the truth ...

Michael D. Ringler, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

. . . bible of health and fitness ...

Brian Plowman, Certified U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach

. . . landmark in health and fitness literature ...

Richard J. Marsh, MD., Churchill Fellow

. . . worth 10, 100, if not 1000 times its price ...

Nathaniel Hancock, Mr. Utah, Olympic translator


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