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Finally a Rational Approach to Health and Fitness!


The Revolutionary Breakthrough that Renders
Conventional Exercise and Diet Programs Obsolete!

The Ultimate Strategy for Lifetime Youthfulness, Physique Transformation, and Super-Health

Natural Hormonal Enhancement


- 100% Natural
- Completely Safe
- Incredibly Effective


(Not Available in Bookstores)


Endorsed by Leading Health and Bodybuilding Authorities!



Harness the
Most Powerful Biological Force in the Universe
-  Your Own Hormones -
to Reshape Your Body and
Turn Back the Hands of Time on Aging!

Natural Hormonal Enhancement
Rob Faigin, J.D.
Documentation: Contains more than 1700 pinpoint references to the world's leading medical and scientific journals.

What is Natural Hormonal Enhancement? Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the first ever comprehensive program for naturally enhancing fat-burning, muscle-building, and anti-aging hormones.


Overview: Recent research has demonstrated that aging, health, and body composition are more closely interrelated than previously suspected, and hormones are the unifying  factor. This realization presents the thrilling prospect of using one grand strategy to attack all three areas simultaneously -

to arrest aging, while achieving super-health, while at the same time permanently eliminating excess body fat. Natural Hormonal Enhancement advances this grand strategy in a detailed and concise form that the average person can easily understand and follow.




Natural Hormonal Enhancement testosterone anabolic IGF-1 HGH growth hormone insulin cortisol progestrone glucagon


Use food to stimulate fat-burning and muscle-building hormones with a revolutionary non-restrictive dietary program designed to capitalize on the drug-like effects of food on hormone levels. It's time to welcome your favorite foods back into the kitchen! (Learn why it is biologically impossible to lose fat and keep it off with conventional dieting, and how calorie and fat restriction can be devastating to your hormones.)


Use Hormonally-Intelligent Exercise™ to get 3 times the results from exercise in one-half the time! (Learn why the way you are currently exercising may be robbing you of up to 90% of your results and - even worse - may be stimulating pro-aging, anti-immunity, catabolic hormones! Fact is: the calories you burn while exercising is irrelevant - what matters is the metabolic and hormonal forces set into motion by your workout.)


Employ lifestyle modification strategies designed to improve hormone levels. (Learn how small, easy, lifestyle changes relating to sleep, stress, alcohol, mental outlook, sex, and sunlight can make a huge difference in your hormonal status!)


Natural Hormonal Enhancement exposes the folly of the conventional wisdom on fitness and fat loss and provides you with a step-by-step program substantiated by science. Which health myths are you being victimized by? Quite possible the most important and revolutionary health and fitness book ever written, Natural Hormonal Enhancement is must-reading for every person right now!


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is great! There are answers to so many of the questions that have been plaguing me for so long. The beauty of the book lies in its practical, hands-on style, backed up by logical scientific explanations."

John Knowles, Cape Town, South Africa


"I've finally reached the end of Natural Hormonal Enhancement, and I am blown away by what I have read. It all makes so much sense! I have been involved with bodybuilding and power lifting for several years now and am glad to hear that I am doing some things right and am even more happy to hear about the things I've been doing I am convinced I can fix them. Thank you for an excellent book, well written with tremendous insight. I'm sure I will be quoting you to young athletes for years to come!"

Andrew White, Kingston, NY

"As an anti-aging specialist, I have read many of the popular health and longevity books. Very few have impressed me. For this reason, I probably never would have read Natural Hormonal Enhancement had my associate not insisted, after reading it himself. Admittedly, I picked-up the book with a negative predisposition, assuming it would be more of the same. I couldn't have been more wrong in that assumption. Natural Hormonal Enhancement is very well-written and well-researched and it contains information that even many of my peers don't understand or don't recognize. I highly recommend this book."

Dr. Rashid Buttar, founder
Institute of Advanced Concepts in Alternative and Preventative Medicine

natural hormonal enhancement

Learn how to make the "metabolic switch" from being a sugar-burner to being a fat-burner. (You do this by activating lipolytic [fat-burning] hormones. Making the metabolic switch is the key to automatic, accelerated, and permanent fat loss no matter who you are or what kind of body you have!)

Learn how small, easy lifestyle modifications relating to sleep, stress, alcohol, mental outlook, sunlight, and sex can make a huge difference in your hormonal status.

Get 3 times the results from exercise in one-half the time!   (When you learn how to structure your workouts for optimal hormonal response, the difference in results will astonish you!)

Lose fat without restrictive dieting! (You'll never have to avoid your favorite foods ever again!)

Slow, or even reverse, biological aging by naturally stimulating the "fountain of youth" hormone! Growth hormone enhancement is the only way known to science to actually reverse biological aging (not to be confused with the far less significant term, chronological aging, which refers to how long you've been alive).

Learn why the way you are currently exercising is robbing you of up to 90% of your results, and possibly speeding-up certain aspects of the aging process! (Most workout routines are so hormonally-unsound that you are lucky if you get any positive results at all; and even then, you may be doing more harm than good by stimulating pro-aging, anti-immunity, catabolic hormones.)

Learn why the amount of calories you burn with exercise is irrelevant. (What matters is the metabolic and hormonal forces set into motion by your workout.)


Learn why it is biologically impossible to lose fat and keep it off with conventional dieting, and how calorie and fat restriction can be devastating to your hormones. (The new research on this topic will blow the diet industry out of the water!)

Increase your energy level and improve mental productivity. (In addition to dictating whether you burn "high-octane" fat or "low-octane" sugar, hormones strongly influence brain neurotransmitters.)

Learn why Americans are fatter now than ever, even though more Americans are dieting now than ever and over 30 billion dollars per year is being spent on fat loss.

Men: launch sex drive and sexual performance by naturally increasing testosterone levels!

Build muscle faster than by any other natural means! (With this technology men can pack-on muscle mass like a teenager going through puberty; while women can get the firm, tight, toned, musculature which is critical to having a great-looking, sexy body.)

Learn how to use an amazing dietary breakthrough called macronutrient cycling that changes your metabolism at the cellular level so that every cell of your body craves body fat for energy and gobbles it up like candy wherever it can find it - hips, butt, legs, midsection... ("Macronutrient cycling," which works by manipulating the drug-like effects of food on hormones, will be the leading dietary technology of the next millennium, but you can start benefiting from it right now!)

Learn hormonal enhancement strategies for preventing disease and achieving super-health! (Compelling new research has shed light on the hormone/disease connection and has yielded critical insight into how to extend the human lifespan and improve the quality of life.)

  • The Natural Hormonal Enhancement contains more than 1700 pinpoint references to the leading medical and scientific journals in the world, making it the most well-researched and meticulously documented book you've ever held in your hands.
  • The material is presented in a simple, step-by-step, format and plain English that anyone can understand and follow.

"Reading Natural Hormonal Enhancement was like finding the key to a very important door. Like so many women, I have struggled for years with weight, moods, and energy, with little success following conventional diet and exercise programs. Natural Hormonal Enhancement, particularly the Eating Plan and lifestyle modification strategies, has proven much different from anything else I've tried. It has opened a door to a whole new world - one of energy, mood stability, and body fat loss. It has improved every aspect of my life, even my business! I just can't stop saying thank you to Rob Faigin!"

Jill Berrelli, MSW., Phoenix, AZ


"I've been an avid bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast for nearly two decades. As incredible as it may sound, I have made more progress towards achieving a lean muscular physique in just over 2 months since applying N.H.E., than I have in the previous 20 years (embarrassing but true). Specifically, hydrostatic bodyfat testing indicates that since beginning the N.H.E. program, my bodyfat has dropped from 22% to 14% while I have actually gained muscle mass! I am finally developing the "chiseled look" I've always wanted thanks to this program, and I feel confident as I prepare for my first bodybuilding competition. Based on the astounding results I have achieved in such a short period of time, I recommend Natural Hormonal Enhancement with unequivocal enthusiasm."

Jon Ayling, Tasmania, Australia

“I have read NHE and incorporated it into my life over the last month with amazing results. I thought I was fit, but the information in NHE put me in touch with an unprecedented physical, emotional and psychological well being and strength. Rob Faigin's work is simply the most profound, cutting edge information that I have come into contact with in years. I am deeply grateful for what Mr. Faigin has contributed toward my own health and the health of the country. “ 

Arthur Giacalone, Ph.D., Walnut Creek, CA


Much More Than An Informational Product

Natural Hormonal Enhancement is not merely a compilation of potentially life-changing information. It is an instructional guidebook. Knowledge is power, but instruction shows you how to use the power.

Many fitness and health books these days are written by "ivory tower" researchers who are out of touch with how to apply scientific research to living, breathing humans. On the other hand, books written by fitness trainers are often so devoid of scientific support that they are nothing more than one person's opinion.

Natural Hormonal Enhancement bridges this gap. You will benefit from the rare combination of breakthrough scientific information and the practical experience of someone who has spent his entire adult life "in the trenches" helping real people, not laboratory rats, get in shape and improve their bodies, health, and self-image.

As an acclaimed writer and researcher, drug-free bodybuilder, former amateur boxer, personal trainer, and leading authority on natural hormonal manipulation for health and human performance, Rob Faigin possesses an unsurpassed blend of knowledge, insight, and experience. The information and instruction he conveys in his phenomenal new book - Natural Hormonal Enhancement - will change your life forever!


Natural Hormonal Enhancement author Rob Faigin

The Author

 molecule-green.jpg (5644 bytes) "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the best book on health and fitness I have ever read. It is great to see that there are people who want to make the world healthier, not just fill their pockets with money made from phony information."

Brian Plowman, Certified U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach


What Leading Health and Fitness Authorities are Saying about
Natural Hormonal Enhancement

"Superbly written and researched, Natural Hormonal Enhancement is must-reading for anyone interested in super-health and optimal performance."

Rick Hughes, LLB, MFS, ND, former Mr. New Zealand,
author of "Fat Attack"


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the bible of health and fitness. It has changed my life forever. My strength and intensity have gone through the roof and I have achieved weights I never thought possible! I have benefited tremendously both in terms of my own health and fitness and from the new perspective I have gained from this fascinating book."

Brian Plowman, Certified U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the best resource in the world. I personally recommend you read this book."

Peter Klein, CEO, Sports One Inc.


"Having read Natural Hormonal Enhancement myself cover-to-cover (twice), I definitely agree with the doctors, scientists, and bodybuilders who are calling it the most important and revolutionary book ever written on the topic of health and fitness. Powerful and comprehensive, this may truly be the closest we will ever get to "steroid-like" results from exercise and diet. You will find this book fascinating and extremely helpful in achieving your bodybuilding goals."

Dan Gallapoo, Editor, "Bodybuilding for the Genetically
Average Joe"


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a book of immeasurable significance and value. It belongs in every household and should be required reading for every health professional. Never has there been a book of such sweeping scope and penetrating insight, which advances so many original ideas and holds such potential to help so many people improve their lives."

Kay Lachowski, Book Review Editor, Online USA


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is phenomenal. What it preaches is absolutely true. I am living proof of the principles of this book."

Chris Berger, #4 Ranked U.S. Amateur Bodybuilder, Middleweight
(featured in Muscle and Fitness 6/99, pages 60-66)


"Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a masterpiece of research combined with honest, intelligent thought. I believe it will be seen as a landmark in health and fitness literature. Sacred, long established dogmas are challenged and demolished with argument and experience backed by scientific reference. But much more than a theoretical work, Natural Hormonal Enhancement shows how to maximize health and fitness simply by working within the body's own hormonal systems, naturally, safely, and effectively.

You should read and act upon this book - it will quite simply change your life for the better."

Richard J. Marsh, MD., MA, BM., BCh.(Oxon), MRCGP. -
Churchill Fellow

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