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As every health and fitness vendor knows, there is great public demand for hormonal enhancement products, though the “prohormone” products manufactured to capitalize on this demand have proven to be a physiologically harmful failure. Natural Hormonal Enhancement and Hormonally Intelligent Exercise address how naturally and safely to enhance hormonal status - not by ingesting hormonal precursors, but rather by properly modifying diet, exercise, and lifestyle to support optimal hormonal production. As such, NHE and HIE offer a comprehensive and holistic approach, and operate in synergy with sound and responsible dietary supplementation. 

NHE and HIE are sold and endorsed by online and storefront dietary supplement vendors, as well as progressive medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, chiropractors, fitness trainers, and at least one rebellious member of the NIH. Before making a decision whether to sell the books, please take several moments to read the testimonials and reviews on our website. NHE and HIE are especially well-received by health enthusiasts and those serious about becoming fitter - as opposed to those seeking a quick fix.

Promotional Support and Customer Goodwill – In an age in which money more than merit, determines the popularity of most health books and a handful of mammoth corporate publishers control the flow of health information (a fact that registers adversely on degenerative disease statistics and is reflected in ever-climbing obesity rates), NHE and HIE are an exception. Despite being vastly outspent in promotional dollars by the big publishers, these books are successful largely because of vigorous word-of-mouth, customer-to-customer, recommendation. While health books promoted by the publishing giants have more widespread public awareness, once a customer buys a copy of NHE or HIE, experience shows they are probably going to recommend it to at least one other person. This helps bring customers back to you, and the results they achieve and the informed perspective he/she gains from the NHE program, translates to customer appreciation and return sales for the company that sold it to them. 

To help maximize your sales, we provide the following promotional items at your request. 

Flyers – Storefront operators can provide these at point of purchase. Online vendors can include them in customer shipments of related health products or stuff them in one book to sell the other.

Poster – Store owners hang this eye-catching full-sized poster, which includes a small-but-readable insert of the books’ back cover, to elicit inquiries and sales. 

Fat-Loss Refrigerator Magnet – In the highly competitive and cutthroat health and fitness industry, keeping your company name before the consumer is a crucial and difficult challenge. We provide an attractive magnet bearing your company name, containing five “fat loss reminders” so that each time your customer goes to open the refrigerator to get food, he/she is guided to make sound eating decisions. It’s both a highly effective behavior modification tool, and an effective means of establishing company identity.

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Rob Faigin


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The bible of health and fitness . . .
Brian Plowman, Certified U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach

The best resource in the world . . .
Peter Klein, CEO, Sports One, Inc.

The most cutting-edge information available . . .
David Hoffman , CEO, Fitness Systems

MUST reading. . . Superbly written and researched . . .
Rick Hughes, LLB, MFS, ND, former Mr. New Zealand, author of "Fat Attack"

A masterpiece…a landmark in health and fitness literature . . .
Richard J. Marsh. MD., MA., BM., BCh.(Oxon), MRCGP. - Churchill Fellow

. . . the most important and revolutionary book ever written on the topic of health and fitness.
Dan Gallapoo, Editor, "Bodybuilding for the Genetically Average Joe"

. . . contains revolutionary information that even many of my peers don't understand or don't recognize.
Dr. Rashid Buttar, founder, Institute of Advanced Concepts in Alternative and Preventative Medicine

I am living proof of the principles of this book.
Chris Berger, #4 Ranked U.S. Amateur Bodybuilder, Middleweight Division (featured in Muscle and Fitness 6/99, pages 60-66)

. . . the World's Best Book for building a better body.
George Baselice, Grand Champion, Met-Rx World's Best Personal Trainer Contest

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