Health Authorities and Average People Alike are Raving about NHE!

What Leading Health and Fitness Authorities are Saying about Natural Hormonal Enhancement

    "Having read Natural Hormonal Enhancement cover-to-cover (twice),
I definitely agree with the doctors, scientists, and bodybuilders who are calling it the most important and revolutionary book ever written on the topic of health and fitness. Powerful and comprehensive, this may truly be the closest we will ever get to "steroid-like" results from exercise and diet."

Dan Gallapoo, Editor-in-Chief,
"Bodybuilding for the Genetically Average Joe"


     "Thank you for writing NHE and having the visceral fortitude to stand by the truth when so many powerful others are contradicting and attacking your views. As someone who is very much a part of the medical establishment, I can tell you that things are changing, just very slowly."

Michael D. Ringler, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda , MD

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a masterpiece of research combined with honest, intelligent thought. I believe it will be seen as a
landmark in health and fitness literature. Sacred, long established dogmas are challenged and demolished with argument and experience backed by scientific reference. But much more than a theoretical work, Natural Hormonal Enhancement shows how to maximize health and fitness simply by working within the body's own hormonal systems, naturally, safely, and effectively.

    You should read and act upon this book -
it will quite simply change your life for the better."

Richard J. Marsh, M.D., MA, BM., BCh.(Oxon), MRCGP. -
Churchill Fellow

    "Superbly written and researched, Natural Hormonal Enhancement is
must-reading for anyone interested in super-health and optimal performance."

Rick Hughes, LLB, MFS, ND, former Mr. New Zealand,
author of "Fat Attack"


    "I have read NHE and incorporated it into my life over the last month with amazing results. I thought I was fit, but the information in NHE put me in touch with an unprecedented physical, emotional and psychological well-being and strength. NHE is simply the most profound, cutting edge information that I have come into contact with in years. I am deeply grateful for what Mr. Faigin has contributed toward my own health and the health of the country."

Arthur Giacalone, Ph.D., Walnut Creek , CA

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a book of immeasurable significance and value. It belongs in every household and should be
required reading for every health professional. Never has there been a book of such sweeping scope and penetrating insight, which advances so many original ideas and holds such potential to help so many people improve their lives."

Kay Lachowski, Book Review Editor, Online USA

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is
the best resource in the world. I personally recommend you read this book."

Peter Klein, CEO, Sports One Inc.

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is
the bible of health and fitness. I have benefited tremendously both in terms of my own health and fitness and from the new perspective I have gained from this fascinating book. It is great to see that there are people who want to make the world healthier, not just fill their pockets with money made from phony information."

Brian Plowman, Certified U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Coach

    " I have read many of the popular health and longevity books. Very few have impressed me. For this reason, I probably never would have read Natural Hormonal Enhancement had my associate not insisted, after reading it himself. Admittedly, I picked-up the book with a negative predisposition, assuming it would be more of the same. I couldn't have been more wrong in that assumption. Natural Hormonal Enhancement is exceptionally well-written and well-researched and it
contains revolutionary information that even many of my peers don't understand or don't recognize. I highly recommend this book."

Dr. Rashid Buttar, founder,
Institute of Advanced Concepts in Alternative and
Preventative Medicine

    "NHE explains the way that exercise and nutrition work together to build fit and healthy human bodies. The author does so with expert articulation, a good sense of humor, and a no-holds-barred, ‘tell the truth and damn the torpedoes’ style. NHE provides detail and clarity with practical application to sports, fitness, bodybuilding, and health in general, for everyone."  

Udo Erasmus, author, Fats That Heal Fats That Kill


    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is phenomenal. What it preaches is absolutely true.
I am living proof of the principles of this book."

Chris Berger, #4 Ranked U.S. Amateur Bodybuilder,
Middleweight Division (featured in Muscle and Fitness 6/99,

pages 60-66)

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a truly great book with
more knowledge packed into it than any book I have ever seen---congratulations on an honest, intelligent and revolutionary book."

Bob Berger, Phd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    "To be a good trainer, one must first be a good student. NHE cleared-up a lot of the missing pieces of what I knew from experience was right, but did not know why. In my opinion, Rob Faigin is the Grand Champion of health and fitness authors, and his book is truly a masterpiece. I have learned from the best teachers and studied from the best books, and Natural Hormonal Enhancement is in a class by itself. It is cutting-edge fitness technology presented in a format that the average person can easily understand, follow, and apply instantly. There you have it: "The World's Best Personal Trainer's" recommendation for what he feels is The
World's Best Book for building a better body. " 

George Baselice, Grand Champion,
Met-Rx World's Best Personal Trainer Contest

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is, by far, the most extensively researched, well thought-out, and beautifully presented health and fitness book I have ever read. Mr. Faigin has quite the gift of the pen, and the 1700 research references are absolutely mind-boggling. A real credit to him for being able to assemble all of these different sources of information into a book that I simply could not put down. As a personal trainer, I am especially grateful because Natural Hormonal Enhancement not only benefits me and my wife, but also my present and future clients. Many thanks."

Trevor Beairsto, personal trainer, Toronto, Canada


     "I honestly do not know where to begin my comments about Natural Hormonal Enhancement. I have never ever found a book on health and fitness like it that contains so many concepts that I fully accept and endorse, which fly in the face of my past beliefs. As a college student who is still on a tight budget, I hesitated to dish out $30 for Natural Hormonal Enhancement - even though the title looked interesting. But after having read it I can say with all sincerity that it is worth 10, 100, if not 1000 times its retail price."  

Nathaniel Hancock, Mr. Utah
(lightweight division)


Natural Hormonal Enhancement is an excellent book. I have never read a health and fitness book I agree with more! To get the most from supplements for muscle building, fat loss, and the decline of function associated with aging, you should follow the principles of diet, exercise, and lifestyle detailed in this book. Natural Hormonal Enhancement is the only book I know that supplies this vital information in one place.

Warren Cochrane, CEO
Performance Nutritional Supplements/www.beyond-a-century.com



The Comprehensive Program For Naturally
Enhancing Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building,
and Anti-Aging Hormones


Natural Hormonal Enhancement

Table of Contents



What Average Men and Women are Saying about 
Natural Hormonal Enhancement

    "I have been on the bodybuilder version of the eating plan for two months, and have cut my workouts in half.
I have been experiencing steady size and strength gains, and have no shortage of energy. Your program truly works."

Fred Hornblower, Carson City, NV

    "I have read Natural Hormonal Enhancement twice, and want to read it again. Not because it is hard to understand, but that there is SO much info and it is so inter-related that it's like suddenly finding you have x-ray vision and you're able to see through the human body… and it's overwhelming!!!!"

Linda Hinson, Eldon, MO

    "I love NHE because it explains everything clearly and cites specific references. I have already told many people about the book and have urged them to buy it. I believe it to be very beneficial and crucial for everyone's health. I cannot say enough about NHE,
all fitness books should be written like this. Rob Faigin has done an incredible job and a service to us all."

Bryan Eckhardt, Cornell University, Cornell, NY

    "Reading Natural Hormonal Enhancement was like finding the key to a very important door. Like so many women, I have struggled for years with weight, moods, and energy, with little success following conventional diet and exercise programs. Natural Hormonal Enhancement, particularly the Eating Plan and lifestyle modification strategies, has proven much different from anything else I've tried. It has opened a door to a whole new world - one of energy, mood stability, and body fat loss. It has
improved every aspect of my life, even my business! I just can't stop saying thank you to Rob Faigin!"

Jill Berrelli, MSW., Phoenix, AZ

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is great! There are answers to so many of the questions that have been plaguing me for so long. The beauty of NHE lies in its
practical, hands-on style, backed-up by logical scientific explanations."

John Knowles, Cape Town, South Africa

    "With all the hype out there, Rob Faigin is front-and-center with the
best advice I've heard and, more importantly, with what my OWN body tells me about how it responds to different regimes."

Valerie Bishop, Atlanta, GA

    "I was blown away by what I read in NHE. It all makes so much sense! I have been involved with bodybuilding and power lifting for several years now and am glad to hear that I am doing some things right and am even more happy to hear about the things I've been doing wrong....now I am convinced I can fix 'em.
     It has been one month since my wife and I started the NHE program, and already people are noticing changes. For the first time in fifteen years, I can see the bicep vein poking through again, and I will be 39 in a few months. The fat is peeling off my wife, too. I'm loving the results and so is she. Thank you for an excellent book, well written with tremendous insight, that makes sense and
does exactly what it promises to do. I'm sure I will be quoting you to young athletes for years to come!"

Andrew White, Kingston, NY

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement brings together in a unified way many loose threads that have made the rounds of both the research establishment and the general hearsay conduits. A
marvelous synthesis - congratulations to Rob Faigin for shouldering the task."

Bob Gallo, Great Mills, MD

    "I have tried all kinds of fat loss programs over the years, and they all have one thing in common – they don’t work. Money spent on books, weight loss supplements, energy bars, sports drinks – and nothing to show for it except a skinnier wallet. How long can you stick to a diet or exercise program when you are not seeing results? At the peak of frustration, I found Natural Hormonal Enhancement. I can describe NHE in one word – different. Different in concept, different in results. The first change was greater energy levels. Then, just a few weeks after beginning the program,
I could see my abs for the first time! Everyone around me noticed and started asking questions. I have more motivation now than ever because of the excellent results. NHE is the best. "

Luke Buckley, Sydney, Australia

    "Two and a half weeks ago, I started the NHE program and I am delighted to say that I have
never felt so energetic! My mood is better and I am shedding bodyfat without effort."

John Thompson, Rochester, NY

    "I will be contacting you in the near future about a volume discount as I plan to give Natural Hormonal Enhancement as a gift to all my friends and family members. As far as comparing the book to others, there is NO COMPARISON. I've read books by Sears (The Zone), Eades & Eades (Protein Power), Atkins (New Diet Revolution), and Peskin (Beyond the Zone). All of these authors and books are ahead of their time and present profound pieces of the big picture, but they all left me with the sense that something was missing. A "Grand Unified Theory," if you will. Well, after reading Natural Hormonal Enhancement, I have no doubt whatsoever that NHE is the
Grand Unified Theory of Health. At last, I have found the "Big Picture." Thank you."

Steve Mink, Dallas, TX

    "When I received NHE, I read it cover to cover. It was like a John Grisham novel; the information was so compelling that I couldn't put it down. Finally, I had a crystal clear picture of what I needed to do. I've turned a half-dozen friends on to NHE, and everybody is experiencing fantastic results. Thanks again for opening my eyes. You have an NHE convert for LIFE!!!"

Steven M. Kip, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing, Tampa Bay Lightning, Tampa, FL

    "It is hard speaking out against the majority's way of thinking, and I must confess at first I was a little embarrassed to mention NHE because it is so different from the conventional view. That is, . . . until I started
feeling better, losing body fat, my sugar cravings stopped, and my energy levels increased. I think NHE is great!"

Debbie Virts, Fitness Instructor, Baltimore, MD

    "I’ve read NHE cover-to-cover three times, and it continues to amaze me! So
many thanks to Rob Faigin for standing up to the misinformation that has been pressed on average misguided people like me. I feel great since starting the program, and I have a new optimism about achieving my goals!"

Joshua "DJ" Olson, Santa Fe, NM

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is a
brilliant book. I have read many fitness books and many recommend various routines and diets but none so completely explain the reasoning behind it and none are backed by so much evident scientific knowledge."

Tim Humble, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

    "Natural Hormonal Enhancement is
the most fascinating book I have ever read. I actually sat down and read continuously for 5 hours a night until I finished a few days later (and I'm not a big reader). I have read a lot about exercise and health, and NHE is the most informative and well-researched book I have seen."

Jon Barrett, Champaign, IL

    "NHE is fabulous, an excellent collection of information. I can’t say enough about it. Since beginning the program, my health has improved and
I have lost 25 pounds of fat! You should see the reaction of people when they see me and ask, "What pills are you taking?" to lose the weight. We are blessed to have this information."

Ronnetta Lee, Cleveland, OH

    "I've been an avid bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast for nearly two decades. As incredible as it may sound, I have
made more progress towards achieving a lean muscular physique in just over 2 months since applying NHE, than I have in the previous 20 years (embarrassing but true). Specifically, hydrostatic bodyfat testing indicates that since beginning the NHE program, my bodyfat has dropped from 22% to 14% while I have actually gained muscle mass! I am finally developing the "chiseled look" I've always wanted thanks to this program, and I feel confident as I prepare for my first bodybuilding competition. Based on the astounding results I have achieved in such a short period of time, I recommend Natural Hormonal Enhancement with unequivocal enthusiasm."

Jon Ayling, Tasmania, Australia

    "I loved NHE. It was revolutionary for me. I have been a brown rice, wheatgrass juice, and aerobics geek for 30 years, and I have the potbelly to prove it. Since reading your book,
I have lost lots of fat and gained lots of muscle and willpower. Thanks so much."

Roger Bird, Colorado Springs, CO


    "Thanks for a fantastic book! I've read Natural Hormonal Enhancement cover to cover and have learned more about fitness in a few days than in my entire life."

Ruben A. Matos, Captain , United States Air Force


 Dear Rob,

    "Like many women, weight and appearance have been serious issues for me since I stumbled into puberty.  I always had a tendency to be a little on the chunky side. My junior year in high school, I tipped the scales at 150 pounds. Here began a lifelong battle with overeating, starving, and emotional upheaval.

    A few years later, at 18, I became pregnant with my oldest son, Zachary, and my weight ballooned up to 172 pounds (I'm 5'2''). My weight became a constant reminder for me of a lack of control in my life. I started running four miles a day five days a week, working out with weights five days a week, and restricting fat and calories. I lost weight, but I was exhausted, nervous, always hungry, and my knees were killing me. NHE changed all this, and improved my life.

    I have been on the NHE program for over a year and have achieved great success. My triglycerides have dropped all the way down to 70, and my HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio has improved remarkably. Though I've had three children, I am in my best shape ever. I weigh between 115 and 118 pounds, my bodyfat is low and my muscle tone is excellent. Thanks to NHE, I spend much less time working-out and get better results. I'm finally healthy, with a healthy attitude about food instilled in me by Rob Faigin's teachings. I no longer suffer guilt when I eat nor do I suffer from the deprivation I used to with the radical diets I followed. As a Cajun, food is a huge part of our culture - a source of happiness. NHE is compatible with eating for pleasure, tailor-made for individuals like myself.

    My friends are amazed at my success, and I owe it to NHE. It has made my lifelong goal of health and a physique I can be proud of, attainable with relative ease. I am resolved to teach my children what I have learned from NHE, so that they too will have the gift of health."  

Carice Nolan, Lafayette , LA


Mr. Faigin,

I want to join what seems to be countless others who have thanked you for the insight and knowledge obtained in your book. I have purchased numerous copies as gifts and recommended it to many of my friends.

If it helps to spread the word at all, or perhaps proves in some way inspirational, I would like to tell my story... so far:

As I turned fifty, I was in the worst shape of my life. I made a "decade" health check appointment with for a complete physical, blood workup, eye-and hearing-check, the works. The doctor's findings were that I had adult-onset (type II) diabetes. His recommendation: lose weight, lay off the sugary stuff.

The very next day, the manager/owner of musclemaster.com sent out a mass email recommending your book, and (I can't even say why at that particular time, other than that I was READY) the message resonated with me, and I purchased Natural Hormonal Enhancement. I read the book twice through before doing anything with all the information I got. On the 6-month review/retest/checkup, I had lost 23 pounds, and my blood sugar measurements were right in the middle of the normal range. It is now another 9 months after that, and I have lost over 50 pounds, and am at a weight my 15-year-old has never seen in his life.

My friends ask me if I am done trying to lose weight. The truth of the matter is, I haven't been trying to lose weight at all for the last 9 months. Simply adhering to the NHE principles has resulted in the weight loss. Although it comes in fits and starts, my average loss of a little less than a pound per week is quite literally "just what the doctor ordered." My only regret is that it has taken me this long to thank you.

About five years earlier, I had tried the Atkins diet, and found it very difficult to follow, which resulted in a 'failure' on my part and a lack of success. The NHE dietary principles, especially in regards to the twice-weekly cycling of carb-load dinners, makes the plan very easy for me.

Again, I thank you, your associates at Extique and the good people at muscemaster.com for the positive impact you have had on my life.

Ken Kellerman, Cary, NC


Dear Rob,

My name is Lyle Goodman and I live in New South Wales, Australia. I am now 24 years old. I started weight training 10 years ago when I was 14. My primary goal since starting has always been to build muscle. I would do whatever the gym instructors would tell me to in order to gain. I followed the advise of various "professionals" for close to 4 years with total dedication and never made any progress whatsoever. When I left school in 1994, I immediately enrolled into the training course to gain my Fitness Leader credentials (this is compulsory in Australia if you want to work as a trainer in the fitness industry). I passed the course and used all the new knowledge I'd gained to help me achieve some insignificant muscle gains. I followed through with the conventional approach for a couple more years, mostly being very conscientious with my diet and exercise (again, in line with conventional theories), and still didn't make any improvements to my physique. Not only was I following my own advice, but also people (friends mostly) were coming to me for help with there training (I was "fully qualified", on paper at least, after all). Very few, if any, achieved results from the advice I'd given them, so eventually I gave up on exercise (in particular, weights). I started to believe that exercise only produced results (for both muscle building and fat loss) for a lucky select few, and then mostly, those results were rather modest.

During part of that time, I was working as a full time tennis coach for one of the most successful coaching businesses in the state. I did this for 2 years. Quite a few clients were interested in developing a dietary strategy and exercise program. After a little while I started referring them elsewhere because I felt I would be of no use to them. This was heartbreaking for me. I had spent a very significant part of my life trying to change my physique and health for the better, and then hopefully try to help others do the same, but from all of this effort, I achieved nothing. I had no faith in anything I had learned. I felt like I'd wasted years, and I really had. My body resembled nothing that could be considered strong, healthy and appealing to the eye. I'm a true ectomorph, and never had any illusions that I'd become massive, but I did think I should be able to make good progress. The problem was, at that time, it never came. A very common dilemma for a lot of people.

I didn't start weight training again until a year or so ago. The only reason I started was because a few of my friends were going to the gym. I didn't want to go, but they convinced me that the social aspect would be fun, so I went along. After only a month or so, the old enthusiasm I had for weight training came back. I don't know why, because I hadn't made any gains, but with that enthusiasm I started searching for new info on bodybuilding and health in general. After a fair hile I came across the "Truly Huge" website. This is where I first came across yourself and NHE. NHE sounded very interesting, so I did some more looking into it, and after not too long came across Extique.com. After looking over your website, I went straight to a seller Musclemaster.com) and bought NHE. That was mid December 2000. The book arrived at my house December 23rd, I read it during the next 2 days, and started the metabolic shift period on the 26th of December.

Since then I have followed the Body Builder's plan diligently, and have followed a hormonally correct exercise program (I stick solely to the basic lifts, i.e., squats, deadlift variations, barbell press etc which I don't know necessarily fits in with your philosophy on weight training, but frequency, duration etc does as explained in NHE), and for the first time in my weight training life, I've been able to gain muscle. I started the year weighing about 65 kg. A couple of weeks ago I weighed myself on the same scales, and I was 77kg. My health in general has improved, my energy levels have increased, and I'm looking really good (if you will excuse my lack of modesty). Just yesterday, I was doing some clothes shopping, and one of the girls in the store (a particularly attractive one at that) commented to me on my "beautiful muscles." Needless to say I felt about 50 meters tall.

Also, another mate of mine last week told me that not only am I looking much better than I was this time last year, but also I have an "aura of confidence and enthusiasm" around me. He is right. I really feel that since putting the NHE principles into practice, and making good, steady progress with my bodybuilding efforts, my confidence has grown and that's helped my personality to develop. I am getting results from exercise now, after years without any, and that excitement is transferring over to the other aspects of my life.

It's a wonderful feeling to know that we all have the power to transform our bodies and stay in great health. I treat every piece of new information I come across with healthy skepticism, and NHE was no different. My belief in it didn't come from some sort of blind faith; it came from living it and enjoying its benefits. I can really say that NHE has, in only six months, changed my life. Thank you.

With the results I've been able to achieve with NHE, my passion to work in the fitness industry again as a trainer has returned. I've enrolled into college to regain my Fitness Leader accreditation. While I am rather apprehensive about having to re-learn irrelevant information to pass my exams (i.e., the conventional approach), I can't wait to start working as a trainer and spread the word of NHE from the inside.

Lyle Goodman, New South Wales, Australia



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