With castor oil say NO to split ends


What actually split ends are?

Only very of the population actually know what is split ends are, how it looks, how it arises.

You must have seen the Advertisements on your tv, the tagline  which says “do muhe baal” for many hair products. Split ends are actually the split in the ends of the strands of hair. It gets splits due to the dryness or ill treatment.

Having hair full split ends makes our hair look not a happy shiny hair.

And it hence affects our personality, which we don’t compromise at any cost.

This aggravating issue happens when?

  1. The hair is not getting the right nutrition from the scalp.

  1. Using any heated products or tools i.e dryers, irons on a regular basis on hair, applying harsh chemical hair treatments. ; coloring, bleaching, straightening etc.

  1. Excessive exposure to sun, pollution, not covering your under the dust, heat.

What is one best solution at home.

Castor oil is being native to the Ethopian region of Africa but now has been  popularly grown in different regions of the world. In india it has an essential part of Ayurveda since time immemorial. Castor oil is one such ancient oil which has its secrets to many skin, health and hair problems but in modern environment hardly people know.

Castor oil for split ends: 

  • Prevents from drying the strands of the hair and ceasing to be brittle.
  • Prevents hair from frizzy and hence not letting split into different ends. 
  • It softens the hair, making into healthy luscious hair.

It is possible because of the nature of  castor oil which penetrates the scalp and smoothens the hair’s rough follicles.

Castor oil carries amino acids, omega-6, omega-9 , ricinoleic, essential fatty acids into its properties and upon application penetrates the blood circulation into the scalp, hence giving the nutrition and acceleration to the scalp, for growth and removing the split ends.

When your scalp is not treated with proper care it starts getting dry and fungus forms which in turn gives rise to frizzy, dry split ends hair.

Castor oil has the properties of antibacterial characteristics, it arrests the bacteria on the scalp.

It is actually an ultimate hair natural conditioner, with castor oil our hair is less prone to split ends.

How to use castor oil for dry ends

It is very simple and the easiest way to use castor oil from prevention of dry ends

Just apply oil onto the ends every night before sleeping, which is enough for keeping away your hair from split ends.

There are different homemade hair masks of castor oil for lustrous hair and nourished.

Everyday care

  • It is also very crucial to oftenly comb your hair during the day. 
  • Protecting your hair from extensive dust, heat by just covering your hair with a stole, as lots of dust gets settled on the scalp which lead to further damage and dandruff.

Get it trimmed

Trimming on a regular basis or when split ends could be seen is the surest and easiest way to get rid of split ends. 

But if the hair is not strong from its roots,it will emerge after every cut,  

By using Castor oil on hair daily, it will prevent split ends on a more natural basis which will grow after trimming without the split ends.


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