The Ideal Food Pyramid Diet (chart) for Weight Loss


How does it feel to be eaten fully with no acidity or light stomach? How it feels to have a tight meal which makes you active and satisfied from inside? How it feels to have stronger body even at your 50s and 60s?

All comes down to the fact that what we eat daily, eating the right food at the development years of the body and then after the development years of the body plays a pivotal key arena to be staying healthy and fit for long.

In 1992, the government designed a Food Pyramid that offers a nutrition advice to the general public. Though the changes have been made to it with evolving time with nutrition science.

“But many nutritionists agree that the original food pyramid designed by goverment represents the most scientifically sound approach to eating for good health,” says experts from different corners. 

The pyramid was designed keeping every nutrient on the chart essential for the body.

Vegan food pyramid for weight loss

  • We all know how the three-layered food pyramid look, following up with chart we can even lose weight.  A vegan food pyramid is simply made of vegetables, fruits, plant-based protein intake. 
  • It is important to make a chart of your own, demarcate the nutrition-based foods, how much calories is good for your body, through chronometer, one can find out the intake measures.  And follow up the chart accordingly.
  • For every diet which provides the intake of less calories and more nutrients is the right diet to be taken and followed for the prescribed period.
  • Keto diet is never a solution, it may result in loss of kgs but it actually weakens one’s body. Dieting for many doesn’t yield results, the basic reason is that until the diet plan includes the right supplements for the body i.e nutrients, vitamins, it can lead to other deficiency in the body.
  •  A planned Vegan Food Pyramid is the way towards losing your weight in the right manner.

Staying healthy!

Health is wealth, the most renowned proverb and most essential as well. People do not understand until they themselves experience any health issue. 

It is better to understand the term of being Healthy, which in turn does not mean to discard junk food permanently, it means having a good diet with all sorts of nutrients, minerals, vitamins that is required by the body on a daily basis and enjoying junk meal once or twice a week or every two weeks. 

A Healthy Pyramid Chart is what a person must have and follow it in a disciplined manner.

There are certain food items which are healthy at all times

  • Choosing healthy plant oil i.e making food in olive oil, sunflower oil, avoiding hydrogenated trans fats.
  • Protein power ; giving your body with source of high proteins found in fish, poultry, beans, nuts, these are healthy source of protein can be mixed with salads.
  • Opt for whole grains; whole wheat, barley, brown rice and the foods which can be made through them i.e atta noodles, whole wheat pasta.
  • Drink water more often, limit the sugar intake, as sugar dissolved in a liquid form is more harmful. I.e less of tea and coffee intake in a day, a home juice or milkshake of any fruit are better options.
  • Calcium intake must also be added in your daily diet plan, especially women who loses the calcium more quickly than men.

An important note Potatoes are not considered as vegetables on healthy pyramid chart as because they have a negative impact on blood sugar levels. 

A survey conducted in America where it was found that 1 in every 3 children are the victim of obesity, it was hence detected the cause of it is their daily eating habits, which found out to be more calories than required nutrition.

Not only in America, there are many countries which are facing such health issue.

Food Pyramid Servings for Weight Loss

It has been well researched the exact amount of servings one must take for  losing rightly! If you want to lose weight in weeks: try below sectioned diet plan.

A two week diet plan,


Before breakfast on an empty stomach drink one glass of lukewarm water mixed with lemon and honey

Have dosas with sambar, or 2 pieces of brown bread with cheese or jam along with fruit juice or one glass of milk, oats with apple or banana , you can take these dishes on subsequent days.


Have proper chawal dal in your lunch or roti with dried fried potatoes or sabji, drink water before a meal, and after hone hour of the meal drink 1 glass of lukewarm water.

Evening Snacks

Have sprouts, sliced cucumber in the evening or simple drink one glass of milk. Vegetable chat, nuts, roasted chickpea(channa)


Palak paneer with roti, tofu curry with mixed vegetable along with salad, 

Two rotis is a must in every dinner meal along with any sabji which has been made at your home.

It has been recommended to take 500 calories per day on the food pyramid diet, and you are burning less than the calories, than the body loses 1 pound per week.

This is one such proven chart to lose weight in a healthy way. One can find other right  diet plans on different health catering sites.

Taking care of ourselves on daily basis

The main factors have been pointed out at the above section which are a necessity for the body even if the individual is not at food pyramid diet for weight loss, they are: drinking immense water, eating fruits, low dairy fat, seafood, lean protein, carbohydrates from fruits,whole grains, beans are healthier than the other source of it.

If the person is eating the right kind of nutrition in their daily diets, losing of weight in the right way automatically supports the system of the body. 

Along with eating rightly it is also very crucial to exercise your body on a daily basis, stay active, add walking on your daily routine.

Keeping your body stay active is also the imperative thing to stay fit and lose rightly. 


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