Getting a 36 24 36 Perfect Figure is Easier than What You Think


Why these numbers 36-24-36 is so hyped?

  • These are regal units to define the perfect size of the female body. It means 36 inches bust size, 24 inches waist, and 36 inches hips, this is the ideal size of the females and that is the reason it is is hyped. 
  • At the Miss World pageants or nowadays at movies, this size of the women are taken into consideration. It is considered to be the best body size, it means that the woman is fit with this size.
  • And now every woman whether she is from foreign culture or is Indian wants to have a body with this figure, they actually can go at any heights to achieve it. Above these numbers when is considered to be fat and not fit.
  • This figure has been mentioned into our educational books, pertaining to the ideal sizes of male and female body. It has also been mentioned that it is not easy to achieve this, one has to undergo extensive workout and eating healthy periods.
  • We see in our day to day lives, the stories of journeys of being Fat to Fit, as no woman wants to be into a shape which is not ideal and makes them less attractive.

A luscious Number to get!

36’24’36 is like an Award-Winning situation for women, it is like a Dream for many girls,and they take all the required measures to achieve it. Many synonyms have been termed to this ideal size – sexy, hot, perfect proportion.

But getting this size has its certain factors, one of the key determiners is Height.

This size would be best suited for the women with height of 5.5 and above,

But the same size 36” 24”36 woul make a 5ft tall girl look wide

How to reach at the number

There are many women who take the route to the gym, but can’t take it  due to busy hectic lifestyles, but still crave for the perfect body:

How to get the perfect body: 36”24”36: 

EXERCISE AT HOME : 5 exercises which can be done at home 

  1. Squats: it helps in strengthening our leg muscles, your bone and connective tissue throughout the lower body. It not only burns the fat tissue on the lower part of the body which includes ; calves muscles, hips, thighs but also gives toned legs, lifted butt making it look attractive.
  1. Bridge pose : The bridge pose is very effective upon strengthening your back and core muscles, it is amazing to burn belly fat. It  opens up the lungs and chest, it also helps in improving digestion and regulates metabolism.
  1. Cycling exercise: lying down, letting your head up not touching the floor, and start cycling with your legs, this exercise helps you to burn belly fat and gives shape to your legs, burns the fat at the thighs also.
  1. Plank: the longer for duration you do plank, the better it is. It is the best exercise in toning the body. Especially the upper part of the body, it gives strength to your muscles, and tones the body, the vibrations could be felt throughout the body while doing the plank, let it feel and release sweat, it actually helps you burn the calories.
  1. Superman pose: this exercise will target the muscles groups in the back,improving the core strength. This pose will help to strengthen your abs and giving toned shape to your shoulder,arms, abdomen.

Exercises are effective and works correctly when it is supported by the healthy diet, eating fruits and vegetables in your daily diet is very important, it Actually gives the body the right nutrients, keeping the right energy, and making you feel refreshed and hydrated. Avoid too much of sugary food. 

Taking 7-8 hours of sleep is a must to give your body a good rest and keeping you look young without any dark circles, or puffy eyes

 Drinking good amount of water to stay hydrated for long.

Do aerobics, dance to make your body feel light.

The desirable figure size comes with the will do it, and most importantly being strict with oneself, about what to eat and what to exercise. Daily efforts yields faster results. Studies have also found out that working at the same time daily yields faster results.

Achieving the ideal figure is might at one place said to achieve easily, if you want to you will, but the next level is to maintain it, which is not a cup of tea for everyone.

All the best for your size!


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