Nocturnal Enuresis – Bed Wetting in Adults & Teens – Anxiety or a Serious Concern?


Bedwetting is incontinence, reflexive urination at night often caused when an individual is experiencing extensive state of anxiety issues.

Is stress and anxiety is the sole cause of bedwetting in adults or in children?

It is essential to understand the root cause of bedwetting illness that has been experienced by thousands of people. It must be treated with a lot of patience and correct diagnosis.

If we plunged into the proper definition of it, bedwetting is the loss of urine at night. The medical term given to this condition is nocturnal enuresis. 

  • The condition of bedwetting is the fundamental development stage for some children, but it becomes the underlying symptom of illness in adults.
  • Adults often have experienced the illness of bedwetting and the cause of this have found out to be excessive stress and anxiety.

According to medical research, there are different causes of bedwetting that have been found out in Adults.

Research remarks on the fact that anxiety is not the only cause relating to bedwetting. There are other underlying causes related to health which affects the condition of bedwetting. 

 Some of the nocturnal enuresis  causes are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Constipation
  • Urinary Tract Infection( UTI)
  • Neurological disorders such as being Post-Stroke
  • Prostate gland enlargement
  • Kidney stones or bladder stones which act as the blockages
  • Side effects of certain medication
  • Diabetes
  • Daily intake of different pattern of drinks

Nocturnal Enuresis is bedwetting at night, and many adults experience but hardly talk about it. 

Adult nocturnal enuresis is defined as enuresis in which the night time wetting gets increases the older an adult becomes.

Some of the studies have also pointed out the fact that it causes due to the genetic link. It has been researched that there are 77% of the  chances that an  adult get nocturnal enuresis if his/her parents are 

The statistics say that 1 in 100 adults experience this throughout their adult life. There are many people who don’t seek help because they are too ashamed of the condition.  

Some other facts :

  • But excessive stress is one such mental condition where the body stops functioning properly which thereby affects our internal organs. 
  • And enuresis due to anxiety in adults is more common than enuresis in children.
  • Taking children into consideration, estimated statistics showed that 5-10% of children experience at the age of 5 and 3-5 % of children experience at the age of 10 along with 1% at the age of 15.
  • Bedwetting in children is not a serious issue, instead of scolding them for their bedwetting, comprehend the underlying cause behind it.

Nocturnal enuresis causes our muscles in the pelvic area to weaken i.e the bladder then thereby causes bedwetting at night, which is the time when our metabolism rate is lower.

The enuresis caused is not only due to the psychological stress but also due to the stress on the muscles near the pelvic area.

Sometimes it has also been found that bedwetting happens while the adult is dreaming but he/she is wetting in reality.

  • It means a person is dreaming that he/she is peeing in their dreams but in reality, they are wetting their own beds. 
  • It triggers because of the reason that we are subconsciously seeping into a deep state, where we are sleeping in reality but awake at our subconscious level.


First and foremost thing to be patient and don’t stress too much

Go to your doctor and get yourself examined about what is the exact causes of the illness.

  • There would be several tests performed by the doctor, undergo it with proper treatment. 
  • Perform an ultrasound to know it better the cause of it.
  • In most of the cases, doctors are able to point out the symptoms caused by anxiety or stress and that caused by medical conditions.
  • If in your opinion enuresis is due to stress and not due to any medical condition you can further discuss it with the doctor.

If there is any medical condition i.e infection in urine relating to the enuresis, take antibiotics to treat urinary tract infection.

  •  The dosage of desmopressin acetate slows down the night-time production of urine. 
  • Take the dosage of  Anticholinergic drugs to relax the irritation in overactive bladder.

If the cause is due to stress and anxiety factor than stop drinking too much water before going to bed. 

  • Clean your bladder before you go to sleep even if you don’t feel like to go. 
  • Set a bedtime night alarm for you to urinate
  • Protect your bed with special mattress covers.
  • Make a routine of your own to urinate at regular intervals like every 1-2 hours

It is extremely crucial to diagnose bedwetting as soon as you are aware of it.  It becomes embarrassing for adults to experience such a condition.

The blend of self-acknowledged information regarding the symptoms of anxiety disorder and discussing it with the anxiety therapist is the correct solution for treating the illness.

Identifying the anxiety problems and their symptoms and overcoming with the right knowledge and successful addressing of the causes is the best way to treat anxiety problems.

Bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis in adults is completely different from children. It is an uncommon illness caused by either medical conditions or mental illness.

The correct procedure of its diagnosis is very essential. 

Though it is not a serious illness, it will be cured with the treatments and medications. Most importantly taking too much stress is not healthy for our body, try to calm yourself! 

 It has been reported that the maximum number of ailments caused are by anxiety. 

Take deep breaths when in anxiety and ponder over the situations, and strongly work towards it. 

Take good care of yourself! 


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