Natural Home Remedies For A Great Hair Growth & Thickness


Whatever age a woman reaches, the desire to have the lustrous, strong hair never fades at any age, from teenage to right after 60s 70s. Having phenomenal hair is, craving for all ladies, as confidence and hair are complementary things that go hand in hand.

As the monsoon season is around us, many inhabitants experience the plight of hair fall. It is not only in monsoon season but also the scorching heat of the sun, even in the summer season our hair tends to lose its strength due to sticky weather.  As our hair is the victim of weather change most of the time, we need to take extra care of our hair at all times.

Going to parlor or salon for hair spa, hair conditioning or any treatment is not always the right solution. After all, these are not natural treatments, it contains chemicals even if it is a bit of it.

Our hair has grown naturally from our scalp, it was not someone planted any machine after our birth, hence we need to hunt for natural remedies from our environment to cure any hair disorders naturally.

The natural remedies never go in vain, it doesn’t harm the natural tendencies of the body, it always renders some kind of benefits for the body, though it is a slow process, it is a best, safe and permanent solution.

Dull, weak, frizzy hair!

It is very natural for a human body to experience skin, hair issues in this harsh global warming environment where toxins are just a breath away.

Not only pollution contributes to dull, frizzy hair,  other factors including unhealthy diet,

Weak immune system,hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, PCOS, sudden weight loss, all emcompasses the cause of weak hair with no shine! 

Which is like a depressing feeling for women!

Home remedies for Hair Growth

Tamarind for Hair Growth

Tamarind has its origin in native tropical Africa, its botanical name is Indica. It has properties for making hair stronger and prevents hair fall, which very few are aware of it. 

Tamarind juice is full of minerals and vitamins which are essential for hair growth. It contains phosphorus, amino acids, magnesium as well. These are required for the hair to become stronger and prevent from making it weaker.

How to use:

  • Extract the tamarind juice soaking into the water and straining it. 
  • Apply the liquid on your scalp
  • After 20 minutes, wash your scalp or hair with shampoo thoroughly to remove its stickiness
  • You can also wrap a hot towel on the head after massaging and applying the tamarind juice and after 15 minutes rinse it off.

Apply it twice a week for a month and experience the results. 

Egg white and Vinegar for Hair Growth

From decades Apple cider Vinegar has been praised for rich in minerals and vitamins good for hair like vitamin C and B. 

And on the other hand, eggs which are termed as the source of protein and fatty acids as well as Vitamin A, D and E. Protein is very important for hair to provide them with strength and elasticity.

How to use :

  • Whip an egg white into a bowl
  • Add two tablespoons of Vinegar 
  • Mix them well.
  • Apply it on the scalp and on the hair strands
  • Leave it for 1-2 hours
  • Wash it with a shampoo.

This method will nourish, soften and most importantly give strength to the roots, which will prevent hair fall, stimulate hair growth, nourish the scalp from its roots giving immense strength to let the hair grow again. Egg and vinegar for hair is the solution for the smooth healthier looking hair.

Carrot oil for hair: worth using?

Carrot oil has multiple uses, carrot oil benefits for hair has been found out to be many. 

The experts claim that it makes hair softer, shinier, accelerates growth, repairs the damaged hair. It contains vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta carotene which is important for hair health. It has antibacterial properties that fight against bacteria.

How to use:

  • Add 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in a bowl
  • Dilute 3-4 drops of carrot oil purchased from market
  • Mix the two well
  • Apply it on the scalp and massaged it for 2-3 minutes
  • Cover the scalp with a shower cap for 1 hour
  • Shampoo it.

Based on the studies, the results of the application of the mask can be instant or with frequent use of it.

Henna and aloe vera pack

Henna is a substance that boosts the scalp with hair growth, henna benefits for hair are many when it is applied the henna color removes the excessive oils, balances the PH levels, unclogs the pores hence boosting new cells and the strengthening of hair. Henna even without the color has itself the excellent abilities of hair growth.

And aloe vera is the excellent ingredients for hair growth, applied with henna, it conditioned the hair making not let it dry within the hair.

How to use:

  • 1 cup of henna leaves
  • 1 aloe vera leaf
  • Grind the leaves of both making it smooth paste 
  • Apply some coconut oil around the ears, hairline, to keep them protected by the color.
  • Apply it on hair by using a brush, 
  • Cover the cap for an hour
  • Shampoo your hair, rinse your hair well.
  • Try this method once a month.

Try these methods at home, experimenting what suits your hair. Have long, shiny, healthier hair from roots to tips naturally.

Happy hair!


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