Why Are Those Lines or Creases on Your Neck


 Why these lines or creases on the neck, how to eradicate them, what causes necklines? A question of concern and worry of many people who can see certain lines on their necks.

Don’t know the cause and reason of it, don’t know where to go to eradicate these lines.

It doesn’t look presentable for many people, it can look like the mark of aging in some young people who line on their neck especially who are office goers, college-goers. It damages the personality of the person. It is frustrating.

A 20-year-old girl started to experience these lines at a time when she wasn’t even 20. It became a huge shock for the girl in her teens. She then considered her lines as a sign of a problem and consulted it to a doctor. The doctor told about two types of lines on the neck 

  1. Horizontal lines
  2. Vertical lines

These horizontal lines are found to occur in almost everybody. These lines are known as Venus’s rings which are most embarrassing for the women and they want to get them as early and as magical, it can.  

 What  are the causes of necklines: Horizontal lines

As per the doctors;

  • The cause of horizontal lines has been found to be due to the constant looking at the phones in a downwards angle causing the neck to be in a certain position for a longer duration.
  • Another cause of these lines is due to sun exposure, without applying a good amount of sunscreen can because of sun exposure.
  • Another possible reason the doctor pointed out is about sleeping in a position that leads the neck into the constant bent position.

The above-mentioned experience is one such experience of a young girl, there are many more, and as per research the causes of horizontal lines found to be into letting our neck positioned into a bent angle. Above mentioned causes are some of the likely actions we enact on a daily basis.

What are the causes of Necklines: Vertical lines

 These vertical lines are the cause of Aging which attacks women and men. 

But it becomes traumatic for women to start seeing the results of aging in their neck. As lines over the neck make women cautious of their age and put them on the constant reminder that they are becoming old. Necklines, dull skin, fine lines, and wrinkles are the signs which make them fear the phase of aging. And we all know how particular and cautious women are when it comes to their beauty and age.  

The necklines start to emerge when the women reach their 30s. And how to prevent the signs of aging is the question for every woman.


It is hard to accept the truth that it is not possible to eradicate the necklines until one undergoes laser treatment which has its own cons,  the necklines come with age and due to prevention not taken before. As we grow old, our skin starts to lose its elasticity which leads to sagging and it is a completely natural process that is irreversible. But the right kind of practice and lifestyle can help to lighten the necklines.

Necklines are completely awful for someone who is experiencing before an age though this is also hard- core truth that no woman wants to possess ever in her life, we must accept it that we can’t replace it with the baby skin, but we can definitely make it less available. 

Some of the methods which can be tried!

  1. One can take up certain toning exercises of that are easily available on youtube. You can easily follow up on the exercises but make sure not to overdo as it may lead to muscle problems.
  1. There are Neck skin creams that are available that can be bought and can be applied regularly over a period of time. The creams will act as a moisturizing agent for your neck and help your neck skin to look younger. As traditionally, massaging, the moisturizing regime led to an intensive exchange of cells keeping skin looking younger.
  1. Right kind of Posture plays a pivotal role in delaying the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.  Adapt an outstretched posture while sleeping which could lead the neck being into a toned posture.
  1.  There are Botox injections available to remove the wrinkles but these treatments are hardly intended by middle-class women. These scientific treatments are usually undertaken by celebrities who can afford a world-class treatment. Botox treatment actually freezes the wrinkles on the skin with chemicals.
  1. However, taking 40 injections may not be considered as a reliable and durable solution for many women. There are certain home remedies that have been adopted by women to prevent the lines: it is believed that the application of glycerin, egg white, banana, massaging with coconut oil, mustard oil are some of the proven methods to prevent NECKLINES.

If one finds it cucumber some doing exercises or application of skin neck creams,

Massaging with oils can definitely be an easy task for everyone after all keeping ourselves fit and younger would require certain methods to be performed.

Along with it drink lots of water no matter what as drinking plenty of water keeps our skin refreshing and it helps to rejuvenate the skin. It is the most effective method to keep ourselves young and most importantly keep yourselves happy from inside. 

Staying happy by heart makes everything on track! 


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