With Diy Tea Tree Oil Face Mask Healthy Glowing Skin Is No More A Dream

tea tree oil face mask

Our skin is exposed to millions of bacteria and other components of UV rays directly from the sun which can cause damage to your skin cells hence leading to problems of spots, acne, pimples, infections, sunburns and in some cases skin cancer. According to studies, sun exposure to a minimum extent can actually protect from skin cancer but too much continuous exposure leads to further damage which often leads to premature aging as well.

It can be dated back to the days when having sunbathe for hours and continuous playing under the heat actually thought to be healthy for the skin, but as with the growing time in which global warming is at its peak has resultant into many harmful effects of sun rays onto the human skin.

And while we are increasing our ways of life with technologies coming up, we have also adopted different scientific technologies to cure our human skin which doesn’t require laser effects but proper healthy natural treatments. Tea tree oil has come up in recent decades to be one of the medicinal treatments for major skin problems.


Tea tree oil is one such oil that has all the essentials for the skin, hair, and even our nails which are being untreated or even not taken care of. It has been treated as a topical medication. It comes from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia from the native to southeast Queensland and northeast coast of Australia. It was founded by an explorer named James Cook in 1777 and doctors have claimed after proper tests that it contains high healing power and natural antiseptics for skin problems. It has all the properties of being :


                                     ANTI- INFLAMMATORY




Doctors have come with many creams to be applied on the affected skin. People who want to use directly the tea tree oil from the bottle here are some homemade remedies:


As a facial mask, it can be used in  three different ways for various skin conditions


According to resources, most skin problem is acne. Around most of the population suffers from it. Tea tree facial mask has come up to be a rescue.

Ingredients: yogurt, honey, tea tree oil

Application: Take one tablespoon of yogurt and put it in a bowl

                   Take  two tablespoons of honey and put it in a bowl

                Add two tablespoons of tree tea oil

               And a half a teaspoon of turmeric powder

               Mix all the ingredients well

               Apply it on the skin and leave it for 20 minutes.

How it works: yogurt is considered to be an appealing moisturizer for the skin, it has rejuvenating properties. which gives a boosting power to the skin cells. Honey has been widely used as a moisturizer and is claimed to be natural anti-bacterial, amazing for acne and skin treatments. Turmeric from ages has the properties of antibacterial treated for multiple purposes, it has strong power to fight bacteria. When applied well with tea tree oil it gives a lasting impact to the skin, smooth acne-free skin.

This facial mask is perfect for acne-free skin.

Give it a try, perfect for all skin types. And experienced acne free skin and flaunt your skin.


Having a natural glow in our skin is a desire for everyone, especially women and the natural glow comes from treating our skin from the inside out with healthy practices.

Ingredients: coconut oil, tea tree oil and 

Application: Take two tablespoons of coconut oil and put it in a bowl

                   Take one tablespoon of tea tree oil and put it in a bowl

                   Mix it well

                   Heat it a little

                   After it cools down, apply it on the skin, massage it properly for 2-3 minutes

                  Let it be for 10 minutes and then wash it off

               Apply 2-3 times a week and see the fast results.

How it works: Experts have suggested not apply tea tree oil directly on the skin as it may lead to irritation on the skin. Coconut oil has been used as the safest and resulting benefit for the skin. It contains antibacterial properties, vitamin E,  healthy and natural fats. It is the best carrier to use with tea tree oil and also easily found in everyone’s home. Applied with tea tree oil, the mixture becomes the best method for long-enduring glowing skin.


With constant exposure to skin, unhealthy food habits, and most imperative not drinking the required amount of water, all lead to premature aging which is being faced by many women in their early 20s and 30s. The women who are in their menopause and have started to develop hard wrinkles get upset as there is no cure to treat aging and fight wrinkles naturally.

Tea tree oil can prevent all these.

Ingredients: Tomato, lemon, tea tree oil


  • Take one slice of tomato, squeezed it in a bowl
  • Take lemon cut it into two pieces, squeezed only half of the lemon piece
  • Add two tablespoons of  tea tree oil
  • Mix it well.
  • Apply gently on the face, massage it for 2 minutes
  • Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes.
  • Wash it with cool water.
  • Apply this regularly for best effects

How it works:  

Tomato contains a high amount of antioxidants properties into it which prevents skin from aging. Added lemon helps to give more boost to the skin and even eradicates the tanned surface of the skin. Applied along with tea tree oil which has the anti-aging properties fights the wrinkles in a more natural way.

Point to be remembered:  

Tea tree oil must not be put on to face directly and especially be careful while using under the eyes, exposure can lead to irritation and redness to the eyes. Before you use tea tree oil, patch it on your skin to see whether it has any reactive effect to your skin or not.

Experience the healthy-looking face by using any of these methods and flaunt your skin at all seasons for all skin types.

Keep smiling with your happy healthy skin. Don’t feel under-confident for any skin condition, accept it and cure it!


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