Everything You Need to Know About Bedridden Back Pain

Woman sitting on sofa stretching and rubbing stiff back muscles after too much computer work on. Stressed lady suffering from backache after sedentary work, feels discomfort because of posture problem

Any type of injury or long term diseases such as malaria, dengue or any type of chronic ailments leads to bedridden for the person, as it is being prescribed by the Doctors for complete cure. Though the period to take proper and complete bed rest for days or resting for too long leads to severe back pain,  many people reported this kind of problem to their Doctors frequently.

There have been queries of lower back pain caused due to bedridden, one of the spine specialists from Mumbai says the cause of lower back pain after bedridden is because of the fact that resting for too long on the bed makes our muscles lose its strength and flexibility which in turn leads to an increase in pain. The doctor further added that extended period of resting on the bed makes our body vulnerable to bedsores, also known as pressure sores. Not only this,but it also leads to ulcers as well as increase the risk of infections known as cellulitis.

The most common problem that is faced after the person bedridden is Back Pain, and it increases because muscles become weak due to inactiveness. As Spine is made up of bones, disc, nerves, muscle tissue, muscle weakness led to be troublesome for the Spine causing severe back pain.

The back pain can happen after a few days or after months or even after one day of bedridden,

The fact of inactivity of the back muscles affects our spine causing pain to the whole of the back sometimes only lower part of  the back.

How to get relief at home 

  • There are certain prescribed exercises which help relieve back pain
  •  Ball squeeze
  • Heel press 
  • bridging

These exercises can easily be looked into youtube for their tutorials, don’t force any movements to your body, any discomfort you are experiencing stopped it there itself so as it doesn’t cause any further injury. The key is to start the process with slow speed and simple exercises and then proceeding further.

When to see a healthcare professional?

  • Experiencing severe back pain which lasted more than 48 hours
  • Experiencing back pain along with high fever
  • Experiencing pain and numbness in your legs along with back pain.
  • Experiencing back pain along with onset numbness in your private genital region or changes in the ability of your control of the function of bladder and of the bowel movements.

If any of these above mentioned symptoms happens,  immediately consult a doctor and get it checked rightly. These back pain can lead to further major injuries so handle it with care, and keep updating the doctors if it is not going or coming back.

Everything can be cured, don’t be impatient consult the right physiotherapist nearby you or anywhere on your reach.

 Do the exercises cautiously while doing at home,check further whether exercising is increasing pain or reducing it. A trained therapist will teach you the right steps.

Take care and keep smiling!


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