How Dirty is Your Mobile Phone and How It’s Affecting You

how dirty is your phone

Yes – your dirty phone could be a reason you’re always dull – down and suffering from dozens of different diseases.

Don’t believe it?  Look at the research analysis given :

  • As per research studies, it has been found that on an average a touch screen phone has 25000 germs per square inch.
  • Mobile phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet surface which is considered to have 12000 germs per square inch. 

 This is something so gross to grasp the fact

  • As one of the surveys in the USA happened regarding usage of the phone, it was found that American use their phones 47 times a day.
  • As it was estimated to be around 5 billion population using mobile phones by 2019.
  • Mobile phones are the device used for all sorts of communication but as it is a source of easy communication it has been also probed that they offer as a source of contamination.
  • In a study conducted, it was examined that 77.11% showcased the microbial contamination.
  • It has also been researched that the major cause of germs and bacteria on cell phones found to be using phones in the washrooms and toilets which is a habit of many people hence it leads to the welcoming act of calling bacteria and germs on your phones.
  • A recent study on mobile phones and Nosocomial infections reported that Mobile phones may serve as a reservoir for microorganisms that would facilitate the transmission of bacteria, it is claimed to be more infectious at the hospitals from one patient to another.
  • Researchers have also claimed that germs and bacteria on mobile phones can cause the development of acne and blackheads on your face.
  • Health experts suggest to the fact of washing our hands frequently is as crucial as protecting ourselves from diseases. Regular washing with soap and water would act as a shield to all germs and other kinds of bacteria.

How all these researches are relevant?

our mobile phones are in constant touch by every human being, we all will agree to the fact how much we use our mobile phones, like food and water are essential for one’s survival,similarly  with time phones have become as important as food or have become like a need for everyone, without it one can’t survive. 

And due to the addictive nature of constantly looking at our cell phones and touching the screens, we are not aware of the perilous fact hands contains lots of germs and bacteria which by a single touch gets transferred to our phones. 

We wash our hands and it is advised to do after every activity of touching any strange things or unclean surfaces or any person, but how often we wipe our cell phones? the answer is we don’t do it at all. And the reason behind is that we are not aware of the fact of how dirty are cell phones are!

The cause of acne and blackheads on your face tends to develop to the fact that when one is on call the surface of the face is pressed and which leads to further warming of the skin and hence causing the pores to open. Then the bacteria present on the phones gets inside the open pores of the skin causing skin irritation.

The cause of many infections is through phones, for example cold, cough, flu, any other infections, etc, which we in daily lives do not comprehend or heed to the fact. 

The proximity of getting an infection from our phones is high as they are kept as close to proximity pr touch with our face, mouth, ears, hands providing route for bacteria to enter.

The Wrong Practices We do Daily: We Are Not Aware 

  • Mobile phones in today’s time have become a daily device to be used everywhere whether at homes or workplaces or by vendors.
  • Hands are the source of causing infections from one place to another and as hands come in contact with the phones more frequently.
  • It has also been looked into the fact that we do not leave our phones while eating as well which in turn gives way to bacteria.
  • We take our phones to the toilets as well, how we don’t understand that it is the home of all sorts of collective germs!
  • We also keep our phones inside our pockets, which means inside the clothes which we wear at all the locations and places, hence more number of different microbial germs.

What Must Be Done?

 We clean our hands, clothes daily to avoid the germs to stay longer in our bodies. We even clean every fruit and vegetables or any pulses before eating to remove the present germs then why we tend to forget our phones which we are using everyday and which we in some cases don’t leave it from a minute. How much time we are giving the germs and bacteria to stay in our contact.

  1. Stop using phones inside your washrooms and toilets, despite knowing our bacterial place is a toilet is,
  1. Stop using phones while even eating your meal, the food is being cooked after all sorts preventions which have been taken and by using our mobile phones we are making efforts of eradicating germs all in vain.
  1. Start cleaning your phones every day by wiping through any germ- free products. Experts suggest using products offered by WHOOSH to clean your phone screens. 
  1. The reason behind our phones is full of germs is due to the fact it remains warm throughout the day because of extensive usage which allows bacteria to enter.
  1. Most importantly, wash your hands frequently even at the end of the day.

Keep yourself protected from all germs and bacteria, these bacteria can take its route in your body in any forms but we as people with all technologies must be aware of it,  using our keep yourself healthy! 


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