How To Use Henna Dye For Natural Hair Growth


Henna is not only a hair color but it is all in one nourishment and best care beauty routine for our hair. By using henna, one can foster their hair in the right way.

Henna is a substance used since the primordial times for dyeing hands, feet and hair. It has its origin from the plant known as Lawsonia Alba. The henna powder has been made from this plant. The leaves of the henna contain the pigment called Lawsone which along with proteins generates the staining ability of henna for which henna is known for.

The plant, Lawsonia Alba has been refined in many tropical countries including India, Egypt, and Africa. It is grown in the hot climatic areas of the world. The past documentation says that it has been used for 9000 years. 

In India henna is not only used for dying hair but it has also been used as adorning the hands of women with beautiful and artistic designs. We call it as Mehendi, a Hindu, and an Urdu word and we know how women at all age groups love adorning their hands with Mehendi. As per the most renowned traditions in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East, Mehendi is used in weddings or for celebrations in festivals 

What are other advantages besides providing color to the hair? 

Henna beneficial implications on hair

As per the medical researches are done on henna, it has been propounded that henna is best for hair care. Know why?

  • It helps in hair growth and improves hair growth as many essential oils present in the henna plant.
    • It is best for hair fall.
      • It removes the excess of oils present in our scalp.
      • Henna has an amazing property to act as a deep conditioner for the hair.
      • With regular application of the henna, say bye to the annoying dandruff
      • Henna comes with antibacterial and antifungal elements that prevent scalp itchiness.
      • We all know how henna is the best and safe natural hair dye, it gives the natural hair color.
      •   Henna is used for dying the hair color because it gives the natural color to the hair and sticks it to the roots for months to provide the natural color.
      • Henna is perfect for hair growth and provides other essentials to the hair.
      • Henna gives the maximum nourishment to the hair and preventing damaged hair which causes the split ends.
        • It balances the ph levels on the scalp keeping it cool and cleans the scalp.
          • Henna gives the hair healthy nourishment making it look thick and lustrous.

          All these above mentioned are the reason everyone whether men or women must use henna to lock the lustrous and healthy hair which is a requirement of everyone.

          There are several Henna packs that can be made at home for natural-looking hair.

          Henna and Aloe vera hair pack

          how to use:

          • 1 cup of henna leaves
          • 1 aloe vera leaf
          • Grind the leaves of both making it smooth paste 
          • Apply some coconut oil around the ears, hairline, to keep them protected by the color.
          • Apply it on hair by using a brush, 
          • Cover the cap for an hour
          • Shampoo your hair, rinse your hair well.
          • Try this method once a month.

          Aloe vera acts as an amazing plant for providing the scalp with hair growth and keeping the scalp clean. Applying henna and aloe vera together, it will prevent from hair fall and stimulate hair growth at faster rates.

          Henna, lemon, and curd

          How to use

          • Take 2 tablespoons of henna powder and add it in a bowl
          • Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
          • After 20 minutes add curd to the pack 
          • Mix them all well
          • Apply the hair mask well on the hair
          • Rinse it off with the mild shampoo after an hour

          Lemon acts as a fighter towards dandruff and cleans the scalp. And curd nourishes the hair making it look softer, shinier and provides many ingredients for the silkier hair.

          Together with henna,  the paste of all the three ingredients will make hair dandruff free and will provide luscious hair. This paste will also act as a deep conditioner for the hair.

          Henna neem leaves and tulsi leaves

          How to use

          • Grind a cup of henna leaves, half a cup of neem leaves and tulsi leaves in water.
          • After grinding it well, apply the smooth paste on the hair
          • After an hour, rinse it off with shampoo.

          Neem and tulsi leaves have many medicinal properties. It has effective antibacterial properties. When applied it with henna it gives an itch-free scalp and protecting your scalp against all harmful bacteria.

          Please take this cautious note into consideration that please purchase the organic and authentic henna from the market. The market business is flooded with all sorts of fraudulent activities to exploit customers. There are many chemical-filled henna packs are available in the market. 

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