Simple Method To Remove Tanning From Lips & Face At Home


Tanning has been the widespread plight of many, the sun’s heat makes our skin looks even darker. Tanning can happen on any part of body which is not covered by clothes.

We all have experience going under the sun, and coming back with uneven face colour, the uneven feet colour, even hands, we could easily make a difference of colour on our body part which is covered by the clothes and the part which is not.

And it makes feel frustrating when we have to wear any sleeveless clothes.

Melanin, the cause

According to Amercan Academy of Dermatology the cause of tanning is due to the fact that our skin substance ‘Melanin” which gives the darker color to the skin upon t[saving your skin from damage.

Melanin is present in our skin to give colour to our skin, those who have less of it, have a lighter skin.

When the sun’s harmful UltraViolet rays hits to our skin it damages our skin, melanin in our body is generated when our skin needs protection from its deepest level, and Melanin try to protects the skin from damage. And as they protect it more the skin color changes.

  • The darker skin- coloured people, usually turn darker, when it gets tan
  • The lighter skin-coloured people, usually turn red, due to sunburn , or getting tanned

Despite burning or tanning our skin gets uneven patches on the skin.

How to get even toned face at home?

We are not able to protect our face from the sun’s rays, but sitting at home is not the solution for gaining back our even toned face.

For uneven tanning on face :

Ingredients : lemon, haldi, yogurt, besan

 All these ingredients are easily available at our kitchen

  1. Add 2 spoons of besan
  2. Add ½ spoon of yogurt
  3. Squeeze ½  of lemon
  4. Add 1 spoon of haldi 
  5. Mix them well making it a thin paste.
  6. Apply it evenly on the face 
  7. Let it dry for 20 minutes
  8. After 20 minutes,  wash it off while scrubbing it well.

  • Lemon has excellent bleaching effect which lightens the skin
  • Haldi has an excellent skin brightening agent
  • Yogurt has the properties of making the skin feel softer
  • Besan carries the effective tan removal and skin brightening agent 

Apply this paste before you go to sleep, as applying it and sleeping after it will give your skin plenty of time to recover from tanning,

You can apply it in the morning as well but make sure after washing your face after the paste you applied , stay at home for 2-3 hours, as going out just after the application will make your efforts all in vain. 

The paste effects must stay under the skin for longer period so it heals from the deepest level.

How to remove tanning from the lips at home?

Lips are the sensitive part of the face which most of the time we ignore to take care of it, 

It needs extra effort to take care of the lips on a daily basis, the lips get prone to dryness, and later leads to darker lips. It is important to moisturize our lips from within, 

Lip care products doesnt heal the lips from within, the moisture lasts only for 2-3 hours,

But in our everyday busy lives, our lips demand extra care for the whole day.

For tanning lips : ingredients – sugar and honey

  • Add 1 spoon honey
  • ½ Spoon of sugar
  • Mix them well
  • Apply it gently on the lips
  • Scrub it evenly on the lips for 1-2 minutes, don’t be harsh
  • Wash it off with cool water
  • And experience soft pink lips

Honey is a natural moisturiser and skin soothing agent, and has the antioxidant nature of preventing free radicals from skin which cause aging.

Sugar has the properties of exfoliating the dead cells from the skin.

Together the mixture act as the great tan removal scrub for the lips which makes the lips even more softer, and provides the natural pink colour of the lips.

Do  this twice a week for two weeks and experience the results for longer period.

Become the protector for your body from every harmful things.


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