High-frequency Machine Treatment for Scalp and Hair Growth


We often have heard that pollution, excessive sun exposure, hormonal imbalance and taking lots of stress are regarded as certain causes of hair fall. 

But these all are causes are at one level scenario, the other level scenario is of extensive hair loss, where one experiences threatening hair loss.

Some of the reasons which have been studied are :

  • Hormonal changes like those in puberty, pregnancy, menopause
  • Protein deprivation(strict dieting)
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Thyroid disease
  • Cancer
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Arthritis 
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart problem
  • Scalp infections, lupus is one such infection which can result in permanent hair loss

 Left with no hair is a matter of depression for many, HAIR is like the crown of our personality, it enhances our attitude, it gives confidence, it is actually the source of strength both for women and men. But experiencing hair loss predicament due to certain medications is like a helpless situation for the person who is experiencing, it can happen with anyone but it is most common in Men. Loss of hair or not  having a required density of hair makes an individual under-confident.

As Technology has taken heights of success in multiple areas, it has also landed in the arena of beauty hair care field, which with time, has been flourishing due to the growing demand of the population for healthy long volumized hair. 

Statistics Report;

The statistics report of people experiencing from hair loss Naturally!


  • 3 in every 4 women experiences the issue of thinning and lost hair.
  • The reasons are stress, lack of nutrition, heredity.
  • 95% of the females suffers hair loss caused by Androgenetic Alopecia


  • It has been found to be that males experience hair fall by age which starts at the of 40 with 40%, then 65% at the age of 65
  • Causes are : Androgenetic Alopecia, Telogium Ethuvim
  • 811,713 males are seeking hair treatment by giving up 47% of their life savings to the treatment.

High-frequency treatment for hair loss

This is a sort of serious hair loss treatment of rebuilding the hair cells, boosting the blood flow, hence enhancing hair growth.

 It is a type of hair growth treatment that makes use of low current and high frequency to stimulate hair growth. It also treats other hair troubles as the treatment has a germicidal action, which is both drying and warming. It is the therapy of curing the plight of hair fall, dandruff or alopecia.

It is carried out by treating your hair with high-frequency infra and ultra rays. It is at 25000 Hz frequency that a hollow glass electrode is made to come in contact with the hair that generates current.

The procedure lasts from 50 minutes to an hour. The hair is being divided into 5-6 allotments. Each part is combed by a high-frequency comb for hair loss, for 2-3 minutes. After it has been done an oil has been put on the scalp and massaged for 20-25 minutes followed by a conditioned hair mask from root to the tips of the hair. Further, steam is given and the hair is exposed to ultraviolet bulb rays for 7-8 minutes. After the treatment one can wash the scalp next day itself.

Benefits :

  • This treatment rejuvenates the scalp, increasing blood flow and stimulating the hair development.
  • It even influences and assists the growth of new cells while influencing the hair to be dandruff free.
  • The treatment turn aside with the bothersome scalp and prevents hair fall gradually.

High-Frequency Machine for hair growth

To stimulate hair growth, high- frequency machine for hair have started to emerge in the markets for quick results. It has been believed vibrations on the scalp let the blood flow to the hair follicles, stimulating oxygen-rich blood to flow on the areas of thinning and balding.  

There are vibrating massagers that have entered into people’s lives for hair growth solutions. Using the vibrating high-frequency machine for hair growth for 5 minutes helps the scalp to allow the fast generation of blood on to the scalp.

It has been recommended by the Hair Experts, the vibrator machines must be used once in a day not exceeding 5 minutes of massaging.

HAIR TRANSPLANT solution has now become a widely acceptable treatment rendered by many individuals and nowadays it is not an embarrassing situation for anyone experiencing NO hair plight. With advanced techniques of Hair Transplant and its success rate, let people opt for safe treatments.

But hair transplant does not mean extravagant harvest of hair after the treatment, it is totally up to different cases. It depends on case to case, person to person, how it gets reacted to different scalps. The cost of technique depends on the quantity of the union, the more unions, higher is the cost.

It is all about loving your hair, the individual can do anything to have what he/she deserves, and these treatments are all hope for individuals. After all, everyone has the right to get it the best.


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